Q: How to measure your feet?
A: Please carefully measure your foot to confirm your size as follow instruction.

Don't know your shoe size?
That shouldn't stop you from finding a pair of shoes that fit.
Your feet change during your lifetime. To make sure that you get the best possible fit and comfort, we suggest you follow the simple directions below each time you purchase new shoes.

How to measure your feet
1. Place a piece of blank white paper on a hard floor.

2. Stand on the paper wearing a sock of medium thickness.

3. Holding a pencil vertically, place a mark at the end of your heel.

4. Place another mark at the tip of your longest toe.

5. Mark the sides of your foot at the widest part.

6. Measure your other foot using the same method.

7. To find your size, measure the heel-to-toe mark in centimeters. For example, if you are a man and your foot measures 28 cm long, you will wear a size USA 10, UK 9, EUR 44, CM 28 shoe.